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24-Inch & Smaller

Hand-built in Southern California, Box Three Wheels are made with Box One front and rear rims and 36-hole, Box Three Pro Hubs laced 3-cross front and rear with 14-gauge stainless steel spokes and brass nipples. Each wheelset is built with Wheelsmith Spoke Prep and inspected using a DT Swiss tension meter for quality control. Includes both front and rear wheels.
Hand-built in Southern California, Box Three™ 451 (20 x 1 1/8”) wheels are made with Box One™ front and rear rims and 28-hole Box Three™ hubs laced radially front and 3-cross rear with 15 gauge stainless steel spokes and alloy nipples. FEATURES 36 Teeth x 4-Pawl x 1 Point of Engagement IMPORTANT NOTES - Rider weight limit: 99 lbs - Does not include cog or lock ring. SPECIFICATIONS - Rims: Box One™ (aka Focus) - Hubs: Box Three™ - Lacing: Radial Front, 3-Cross Rear - Spokes: 15 Gauge Stainless Steel - Nipples: Alloy
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