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Surly Wool Beanie

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For warmth, comfort, and dependable moisture-wicking properties, the Surly Wool Beanie in black might be a good option. Here's why:

- Made of lightweight merino wool
- One size fits most
- Fits under your helmet

Still undecided? Check out these mind-blowing facts from my 4th-grade presentation about sheep.
1) Sheep are smart. They can recognize up to 50 different sheep faces. They can recognize human faces, too — maybe even yours.
2) Sheep have rectangular-shaped pupils that can see almost 360 degrees around them. They can even see what's behind them without turning their head.
3) There are over 900 breeds of sheep in the world. The Merino is a very popular breed, and its fine, soft wool is often used for clothing — for example, the Surly beanie.

In closing, sheep are very interesting animals and their wool is a useful material. Take it from me, I passed the 4th grade.