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Ride Brooklyn Service Manger Dylan Varekamp

Maintenance Classes

Spread throughout 5 evening sessions, our Maintenance Series, led by Dylan Varekamp, is designed to provide riders of all experience and skill levels a welcoming and accessible learning experience. We tailor the specifics of the course material to the bikes that our students have and ride. Our priority is to ensure that you leave the shop with the necessary skills and tools to maintain and repair your bike. 

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bikes for every day

Casual Bikes

These bikes are perfect for riders who want to commute to work, get some fitness on local bikes trails, or ride with their children. 

gravel and touring

Gravel Grinders

If you're looking to explore on and off road or take up bike packing, we recommend you check out gravel & touring bikes.

electric bikes

Electrifying Rides

A lightweight, electric bike can help you go further, faster, climb hills with ease, and arrive smiling and sweat free.

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